My name is Bim. I have been serving God with my life for about five years, and I have seen evidence for the claim that “God is good.” I love the Word of God, which is the bible and I believe that it is relevant and sufficient to instruct my life, and the life of any who would choose to trust Jesus for their salvation from sin.

I do see, however, that there is a place in my life where theology meets real life and it can be difficult to navigate. When God’s Word is experienced, it can sometimes be challenging to see how we are supposed to respond to it. That’s the place that I want to explore in this blog. I want to show, using experiences from my life, how theology is lived out to result in worship to God.

If anyone can learn from my doubts, weaknesses, joys, pain, successes and failures and see how God’s word speaks to them in the midst of these, then I rejoice. I pray you find this blog useful and helpful.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Peter Bamikole

    Ahhh!!! I’m kinda bummed I only just discovered this blog. And by accident, too. But now I’m excited. Much catching up to do. I love the premise of it though, and from my skimming thus far, I think I’m going to enjoy interacting with you here. God bless, my dude.


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