Monthly Archives: December 2013

If Jesus Never Came

It was a comment made in passing
the slightest fragment of a larger monologue
a brief utterance, with immortal significance
“What if Jesus never came”

I’ve long been taught not to play what-ifs
they do more harm than good
but what if…?

If Jesus never came…

I would be trapped in the temporal
with little thought toward eternity
and no hope in the thought
your best life now
because if something does come after…

Could I believe in a God
who demands perfection
and judges all
knowing how far I fall short
better not to believe at all

If Jesus never came…
The future would be blank
an empty canvas
chance its painter
all things working together for good
would be but an illusion
of a hopesick mind

In absence of grace
the fittest survive
no higher authority
or grander purpose
nothing to do
but find joy in the meaningless

If He never came…
I would be a good person
nicer than most
rarely hurting anybody
justified when I sin
because I’m only human

And most damning of all
If He never came
I wouldn’t have cared

I wasn’t looking for Him
when He found me
living under a sentence
but satisfied with the meantime

He came
He hunted me down
and showed me why it mattered